Saturday, November 17, 2007

The fun continues! Come see us at Railroad Blues.

That juggernaut of assorted tunes known as The Resonators/Mariachi Santa Cruz ends November with four wildly different gigs:
  • Monday, November 19th at El Mirador Rodeo Arena in Ojinaga. Mariachi Santa Cruz will entertain with charreada music. Could be interesting! Call 432-661-0600 for more details regarding time and how to get there.
  • Tuesday, November 20th at the 20 de noviembre desfile in Ojinaga. Mariachi Santa Cruz will be on a float with our new addition, Jesus "Chente" Martinez singing on horseback. Only in Mexico! Ajuua!
  • Thursday, November 22nd at Nuestro Padre Jesus Church. Mariachi Mass for Santa Cecilia's Day (patron saint of music). 7:00 AM. Music in the zocalo afterwards.
  • Friday, November 23rd at Railroad Blues--the home of the best live music anywhere. A privilege to be on their calendar, and we'll give it all we have.

Not bad for living out in the middle of nowhere!

Many thanks to Dora and everyone else who organized the benfit dance last Friday. Yet another awesome rug-cutting gathering! It was very cool sharing the stage with Los Nortenos. Good guys!

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully we'll see you real soon!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Several new dates added for November

Let me begin by saying the gig in Ojinaga was a whole lot of fun. It was a freebie all the way around, but the good vibes going around Parque Manuel Ojinaga were priceless!

We hope to see you this coming Saturday night, November 10th in Presidio at La Riviera Bar. The show begins at 9:00 PM and ends at 1:00 AM. Not enough can good can be said of Rafael Carrera's efforts to bring live music to Presidio, so we are delighted to have been asked to play.

Dora Lopez, of Mariachi Santa Cruz fame, has organized a dance to benefit Sonia Sanchez of Presidio. Sonia is a lifelong resident of Presidio and is known and loved by all of us. Currently she is receiving treatment for cancer, and maintaining her job at the post office at the same time. To help with her expenses, Los NorteƱos and The Resonators will play a benefit dance at Benito Hall in Presidio on Friday, November 16th. Please make plans to attend! The cause is very worthy and the music will be second-to-none.

Mariachi Santa Cruz will enter as a parade float in Ojinaga's 20 de noviembre parade, this year on Tuesday. There absolutely will be no other live music in the parade, so get yourself there pronto! It's a wonderful parade, well worth your time.

And finally, mix a little music into your Thanksgiving starting the day off with a mariachi mass in Ojinaga. The occasion is the celebration of Santa Cecilia, the patron saint of music. Who else would expect to be playing other than Mariachi Santa Cruz? The exact time will be posted at a later date, but we're excited to be a part of this celebration.

Come see us this Saturday!