Sunday, August 08, 2010

Return to Padre's on August 13th

It's been a fun summer for The Resonators, and we want to invite everyone to Padre's in Marfa, Texas this coming Friday, August 13th for a great night of music. If you haven't been to Padre's before, you should check it out. Owner David Beebe has created a really soulful place to eat, drink, and dance in Padre's. And if you want to catch The Resonators live in the Big Bend, we can't recommend this place too highly. Before the show, give yourself some time to enjoy some of the delicious fare. So far I've had a bowl of chili and a burger, both of which were great!

Like I said, the band is playing great, and each show is a privilege to be able to put on. Whether it be the extraordinary vocals of Lucy or Alfredo, Marty and Tony ripping it up on guitar, or Taro calling upon his encyclopaedic knowledge of music of Western civilization, getting to be on stage with these guys (and gal) is a treat. We hope you'll enjoy...