Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving came and went here in Presidio, Texas. "Thankfully" everything has been real quiet and relaxing. I did loan a fellow musician from Chihuahua some sound equipment so that he could entertain diners at Las Palapas de Aldama, an incredible seafood restaurant here in town. Yesterday I also attended a quinceanera mass in Ojinaga and really enjoyed hearing the choir sing. There are at least two members of the choir who perform in Acuario 90, so the singing was inspiring. Then later we went to the quinceanera and heard Quinta Banda (5ta Banda), a tambora group from Chihuahua. They played well, although I can only take that type of music in smaller doses.

I have a personal blog I started a while back called My Presidio, Texas Dreamworld. It's sometimes my take on things Presidio, and at others, just some rambling thoughts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Behind the scenes

It seems like the music scene here in Presidio/OJ is feeling the effects of the economic downturn, with nary a paying gig in November. Not even our buds from Revane are playing, and they're just a duo (read "cheap"). But certainly not to worry because we are using the time to augment and polish our repertoire. We have a couple of pretty important private parties coming up in December, and we want everyone to leave at the end with their socks blown off. Once the Resonators come up for air in a public venue, you're going to be impressed.

For the fans of old school Tejano, how about a few covers of Augustin Ramirez or Sunny Ozuna? For the "quince" age group we'll be rolling out some material that may permanently alter the image of the band unlike anything we've done before. We're talking the next chapter of the band's story! All in all, we're really excited about seeing everyone again, and the music will definitely do a better job of speaking for itself than I could ever write here.

As far as the "behind the scenes" title of this posting is concerned, I wanted to share a few details of how the band gets to the point where it's ready to put on a show:

  • Rehearsals: Alternate between Taro's back yard in OJ and John and Lucy's "music room" at their house in Presidio.
  • Equipment: Owned mainly by the John. Expensive! One decent mic cable will run about $25. We normally need around 20 mic cables or more for a show. You do the math...
  • Equipment truck: Owned by John. A 1995 GMC box truck bought off eBay from a guy in Colorado Springs, CO. An excellent vehicle, other than a bad radio and slips out of reverse all the time.
  • Musical arrangements: Mostly done by John using a vintage Scorewriter program. Taro also has several great arrangements he's done for the band.
  • Number of drummers so far: 6
  • Webmaster: John's dad, John.
  • Band motto: We're lucky enough to have this cool band out in the middle of nowhere, so let's go make some people happy through music.
Take care and thanks for visiting!