Monday, September 21, 2009

And after the mariachis finished...

Well I'm not saying that our Mariachi Santa Cruz is bad luck or anything, but we've had a couple of "what happened next" experiences right after mariachi performances recently that might make you wonder...

It all began at the Marfa Lights Festival on September 6th. Mariachi Santa Cruz played a one-hour set as part of a scheduled four-hour engagement we had to close the festival. The crowd was great, the setting perfect, but with just a few grey clouds rolling in... Hmm, was that a raindrop I just..yep, it sure was. Uh-oh there's some more. And as we played the final note of the final cancion, the heavens opened up with a rousing downpour.

Thirty drenched minutes later the skies cleared and the glorious sun came back out. Unfortunately the sound people felt it was unsafe to "turn the juice back on," and the day came to a premature end. The good news is that we rescheduled that gig for Sunday, September 27th, this time at Vizcaino Park (Marfa). It's free and the time is friendly to the whole family: 5:00-8:00 PM.

Okay, so we played another mariachi gig on "lucky" September 13th in Presidio, along with the La Rondalla de CeTIS 98 (Ojinaga), Ballet Folklorico de UACH (Chihuahua), and some other very terrific musicians from Chihuahua. It was the "Grito de Independencia"--Presidio-style-- held in the parking lot of a defunct grocery store. Mexican Consul Hector Raul Acosta organized the event and did his customary GREAT JOB. A wonderful evening in the old town of Presidio.

A few days later--on Thursday the 17th--we had yet another mariachi gig near Marathon, this time with several students from Presidio High. Once again, the setting was unmatched and with very gracious hosts. The gig went quite well, but rather late. Nevertheless, we arrived safely back in Presidio at 2:30 AM. It was a long day, but a good one.

After crawling in the sack, not more than an hour into La La Land, my tummy-tum-tum awakened me. Living on la frontera, this is not unusual because we eat food on both sides of the border. Sometimes it's spicy, maybe a tad greasy, or who knows why? Anyway, so I have a humdinger of a stomach ache, only this time my side hurts. Oh no, not my kidney! (Family history.) Long story, short: yeah, it was. Miraculously, by Sunday afternoon it was all over. Three little stones kind of doing the "Fantastic Voyage" through "that" part of my body. No fun, but thank goodness it wasn't any worse.

Hey but if this is the worst of my luck, then I'm not doing too bad at all.

Come see us this Sunday, September 27, in Marfa!