Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make music!

Thanks for visiting The Resonators blog.  Between Facebook kind of edging this page into obscurity and me not having my act together like I need to, I finally put something new up today!  When I first looked at this page, it was kind of embarrassing to realize that it has been 14 months since the last post.  Between then and now there's been lots going on with the group- happily, all good.  So my apologies to any of you who have stopped by and thought we forgot about it.  Check us out on Facebook.  It is much more dependably updated.

We have a couple of public performances coming up soon.  We'll be in Ft. Stockton, Texas on July 3rd at Rooney Park.  Then on July 4th, come catch us at Kokernot Park.  Both gigs are afternoon/evening times.  If you are a fan of the group, try and come see us play.

New to the group are Molly Ferguson on vocals and Latin percussion, and Ramon Deanda on sax, accordion and vocals.  It won't be long before you see both of these two making noise in their respective professions- they are extremely talented.  In the meantime we'll try and squeeze as much music out of them as we can. 

Taro has just retired from a LONG teaching career, but isn't slowing down at all musically.  I think retirement will be good for him because he deserves a change of pace after 45 years of teaching.  Other than that, we are good.  Busy, but good.  Lucy sees herself coming and going with her responsibilities directing band at Presidio High, Middle School, and Elementary!  It's amazing she has anything left outside school.

In the end, though, when the group makes music, it's really cool.  There is a mutual fondness and respect between all members of the band as well as for our audiences, so carrying on after eight years is still a pleasure and privilege.  Viva Resonators!

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